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Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS) Development Services :

ESS Software Application development services are complete Solutions that is Caters to your individual Business process whether you want Web Cloud-Based, Server or Mobile Application our development services will provide you the Best Service for your need.

Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS) with its team of expert developers can design custom applications, install, roll-out and impact end-user training to make your organization realize the power of the web while mobilizing and extending your business model. ESS would be an excellent partner to study and offer solutions on your existing environment, offering changes to better suit the technology and its advantages to make your business better.  We will customize your business process based application to enhance your productivity.  Regardless of your size, we will provide the best cost-efficient solution for small, medium and large enterprises.


We build, own, and operate market-leading web properties that serve consumer needs in large verticals such as retail, lifestyle, finance, and others.

Mobile Applications

ESS can Build your Native applications to a specific platform or build an application using Web services or API to meet your need  

Custom Software Development

Based on your Business process ESS has the Know-how and the experience to give you the full control you need to succeed. 

Enterprise software solutions (ESS) methodology:

System study

A functional specification document is generated after a detailed study of the existing system and environment.

Information Architecture

design business process based structural design of shared information environments from departments to user levels.

Detailed design

Functional architecture is evolved and its interface with other applications is planned. A detailed design document is prepared.

The design document is used as the base for further development and results in a release.
Quality assurance (QA)

 The release is tested for functionality and then ready for deployment.


Training is offered to technical users, end-users after project completion as per specific needs.

Work with a Team of Talented Development Ninjas

We can handle projects that are small as well as enterprise-wide mission-critical applications. Our solution offerings include state-of-the-art development technologies.

We use website development frameworks in all web application development and work with all operating systems and servers.  This enables us to provide you high-quality service.


  apache Application development by Enterprise Software Solutions, (ESS) IOS development by Enterprise Software Solutions, (ESS)  Application development by Enterprise Software Solutions, (ESS)       

Specialized Application Development Services by ESS

ESS offers services in Enterprise Technology Design & Development. This covers internet-enabling legacy applications, legacy systems maintenance and system integration services. The following are the enterprise application development services offered by the ESS:
we use website development frameworks in all Web portal development:
1. Angular. Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework used for front-end development. …
2. Django. …
3. Laravel. …
4. Ruby On Rails. …
5. Symfony. …
6. Yii. …
7. MeteorJS
in all bellow application development to give the best user experience

Java Application Development
ASP Application Development
.Net Application Development
PHP Application Development
Client-Server Application Development
Although internet solutions are virtually a necessity now, some enterprises or situations still can be served better with a Client-Server application. The mere fact that Client-Server technology has been working efficiently and reliably for more than a decade provides a lot of belief in this technology as far as mission-critical requirements are concerned. Many executives will still swear by this technology and it is tried, tested and true.
We provide its customers offshore Client Server Application Development Services, maintenance of legacy systems, web-enabling of Client-Server applications, system integration of new applications with Client & Server Applications, maintenance, and upgrade of features and functionality in old Client & Server applications, among other services.
Data Ease
Send your RFI to Sales@Essolutions.us to get a quotation for your project or contact us via Contact us page

What We Do Best

Mobile Application Development Services:

What sets us apart and what you can expect from ESS software, mobile application, and web development?

Mobile devices are the fastest-growing enterprise platforms in IT. And Enterprise software solutions ESS started doing Mobile development in 2005 with Windows CE and PALM Osx Over the past decade we have becomes Pioneers of providing solutions with Cost of devices event today We can use older devices to provide the same Results with Current technology where others are focusing on selling you the Technology today we look at your business process cost factor and mobile Fleet of devices that is most cost efficient to help you active the Best ROI based on your location and Need sometimes few years older devices can use Todays Technology and be Productive and cost efficient
Small and Large Business alike is moving every possible application to run on tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches. Behind that set of decisions, though, is a huge question: How do you make it happen? At Enterprise software solutions (ESS) we believe this need to be approached by individual need and business process
There are two broad paths that can be taken. One path has the Web browser as its destination. The idea is simple: Write once for a Web browser and you don’t have to develop a separate application for each platform. Of course, developers know that reality isn’t nearly as simple as the idea, but programmers can still write versions of an application for many different platforms using a single language and many pieces of re-usable code.
The question, based on the need and business process which single language to use — and how to make the various pieces of the Web OR SERVER BASED APPLICATION TO come together ON MOBILE DEVICES.
The other path arrives at a dedicated app for each mobile device. There are obvious costs associated with developing a separate app for each platform, but there are advantages, as well. One of the most important is that the performance of a dedicated app will almost certainly be better than the performance of an app that has to run through a browser for everything that happens.
At Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS) we can help you with picking the best Solutions for your Mobile development we are Experts in following

If you want to build a Web-fronted app for mobile devices, the one near-certainty is HTML5. The eventual standard will make various data types simple to insert, rationalize input parameters, level the browser playing field, account for different screen sizes, and probably freshen your breath and give you lush, manageable hair. Eventually.
The problem is that HTML5 is still a proposed standard that is currently supported in a lot of different ways by a lot of different browsers. It’s certainly possible to write HTML5 Web pages now, and many people are doing just that. They just have to know that there might be slight tweaks in the language in months to come and more substantial changes in the way browsers handle HTML5.
From a cost and efficiency standpoint, HTML5 has the advantage of building on the current version of HTML so the learning curve is much shallower than that for a completely new language. If you can cope with a bit of uncertainty and want to walk the browser-based path, HTML5 is an obvious choice for a primary language.
For platforms like Android and Windows are your device choice, then C++ can be the answer to your object-oriented dreams. At this point, C++ has been used to develop apps for virtually every purpose on pretty much every platform that exists. At ESS Programming skills are widely available and the language is a well-known quantity.
You can develop software using Java, JavaScript, and Enterprise Java Beans. These are three different systems that are related mainly by the word “Java” in their names. Of the three, Java is the one you’ll see in mobile development
Java is an object-oriented programming language developed at Sun Microsystems. It is now owned, along with the rest of Sun Microsystems, by Oracle. It is, by most accounts, one of the most frequently used programming languages around, and so the skills are available in many individuals offering their services to enterprises.
From a performance standpoint. Java is a compiled language that can be run in two different ways: either in a browser window or in a virtual machine that doesn’t require a browser. That flexibility tends to mean a lot when it comes to re-using code and updating software.
If android Devices is target platform you’re almost certainly going to look at Java. If iOS is your main target, you probably won’t be doing Java-first development. And if you want to develop a common code base that runs across many different platforms, then Java should certainly be on your List.
While most of the world was developing software using C++, Apple went with Objective C as its primary programming language. Like C++, Objective C is a C-language superset. It does many of the same things for C that C++ does, though it has a number of functions that specifically deal with graphics, I/O, and display functions. Objective-C is part of the Apple development framework and is fully integrated into all iOS and macOS frameworks..
Apple’s latest APIs are Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. The language to write code for them is Swift. According to Apple, Swift is written to work along with Objective-C, though it’s obvious that the company intends for many developers to turn to Swift for complete programming. Among other things, Swift has been designed to eliminate the possibility for many of the security vulnerabilities possible with Objective-C. On December 3, 2015, Swift Became open source with more people willing to work with Swift and increase the number of projects Swift becoming the primary development language and a good option to consider from the day one
C# plays the role in the Microsoft universe that Objective-C plays in the Apple cosmos: It’s an expansion of C that directly addresses many of the unique features of the environment. The gravitational pull of Windows across multiple platforms is continuing fact in today’s business world. If your mobile devices include Windows then your suite of development languages should include C#.

Keys to Your success is what we can Offer:

Synchronization of business and IT objectives tailored to your business process
Ensuring cost leadership across operations
Development models tailored to any level of Business
Faster ROI
Rapid development life cycles
Meeting delivery objectives on time
Over 5 Overseas development centers at customer disposal for cost-based development cycles
The dedicated team through Development

Improved productivity throughout the development Cycle and beyond:

  • On-demand availability of superior skills
  • 24/7 delivery
  • Readily accessible bank of technology
  • Proven process strengths resulting in first-time-right.
  • Collaborative software development environment for seamless onsite-offshore integration
  • Quick ramp-up and ramp-down of resources
  • Relentless recruiting process globally
  • Faster response to markets through:
  • Customer-centric (centralized) approach to service delivery
  • Understanding of dynamic business environments & market
  • Proactive market responses through superior consulting skills
  • Faster time-to-market through product/sustenance engineering expertise
  • Successful knowledge management strategy avoiding redundancy in effort
  • Full Maintainer Service Contract to manage the application for Yearly Fixed Cost



Low cost for the quality product through:


  • Scalable architecture design
  • Standards-based programming
  • Availability of re-usable components
  • Optimized onsite/offshore delivery models
  • Technology consulting to reduce IT infrastructure cost


Development Models

ESS Can Provide the Ideal Development Partnership Model for your company
We assure competitive prices So more savings for you. with maximum flexibility and control in your hands. with our Software Development models being an innovative and flexible.
As a company we strive to provide our customers with the flexibility of choosing the appropriate software development partnership model to best suit their needs. We offer the following models.

Software Development Models:

Offshore Development Model.
All project development, starting with design all the way through to the development cycle, is done on ESS premises. Customers are kept informed through Each stage development alongside the project plan provided.
Onsite Development Model.
The project is carried out on the customer’s site, With its pool of developers, ESS provides for the development cycle Ess is able to bring highly qualified development Staff with the right programming skillset needed for the project.

Combine Onsite/Offsite Development Model.
The onsite team located at your premises directly Interacts with our offshore development team. The onsite team is able to address and attend To critical items and integration issues which need immediate attention, while our dedicated offshore Team will work on system development.
This model maximizes utilization of time and resources by providing you with 24-hour development time and Reducing production costs through the utilization of our Own dedicated offshore facilities. ESS recommends this model for Middle-sized and large projects which are subject to change and who needs immediate attention from the assigned team.

This model allows you to have a virtual extension of a dedicated software team. We form a dedicated skillset Team of software specialists which are pre-selected for the set project by The customer. The team adopts your practices and Methodologies of software development and project Management alongside with our highly skilled design architecture. The project management can be allocated in-house or through the ODC. Allowing the customer to have full control over the software life cycle.

Technical Approaches:

To better Accommodate the Offshore Development Models Ess have implemented the following two Technical Approach models, to better serve over customer needs and to support our Development Models.

Customer’s Own Methodologies.
Being a dynamic and flexible company with access to a variety of skills in-house, ESS is Ready to employ your own working standards and Methodologies to accommodate your business model.
In house Project Management with (ODC).
ESS will provide a project manager to be working out of your site for the duration of the Development Cycle with an option to keep The PM for the software life Cycle or for a longer period of time as needed.

Business Models:

Fixed Price.

We provide customers with a Project Plan and a full design layout of the set project. That describes in detail the project scope and Schedule. The payment schedule for a Fixed Price Fixed Date agreement depends on the project.

Milestones and duration.

We recommend this model for middle-sized Projects, where the scope of the project is defined and timelines aggressive. with Startup payment, we will assign a dedicated team to start the development cycle and allow the customer to signoff stags and add any additions during development cycle as needed to customize the software to set business process and changes of the process to make the system best fit to the business process. This is the Most cost-effective outsourcing solution to take Advantage of with a dedicated team.

Time and Material

In this case, the “full-time equivalent” scheme is applied which means that the customer is charged at a daily rate for each employee dedicated to the customer’s project. All invoices for this type of contract are accompanied by Project reports outlining the time and materials. We recommend this model for Middle-sized and Large projects which are dynamic and have Fluidity. This model provides the customer with Maximum control over deliverable’s and the team which works on the project. All invoices for this type of contract are accompanied by project reports.

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