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Velociti Innovation Software as a service (SaaS)

Enterprise Software Solutions, (ESS) is a technology solutions provider specializing in application development services any level of business. We deliver reliable and high-quality end-to-end solutions that significantly enhance our client’s competitiveness by increasing mobility and data accessibility within their current business structure

Customizable Software For your Business Process

Our talented team has proven experience catering to a broad spectrum of businesses with the development of highly sophisticated and effective Sales Force Automation & Retail Execution (SFA),
Trade Incentive Automation, Geo Tracking, and Loyalty Software. along with ERP, CRM, BI Tools Fully customizable to Business Process.
The passion for solving various problems and challenges businesses face has also earned us a fantastic reputation for Tailor-Made Software Solutions.

Collect Actionable Data

At ESS we believe in delivering tangible benefits to its customers through business process customization to its need with 100% ROI, delivering with predictable effort in rapid development, quality and cost. In short, we deliver your customized development solutions right and support it through its life cycle.


The Only Tools You’ll Ever Need

Our Velociti Innovation Software solutions have been designed to operate either from your premises or the cloud with the flexibility to maintain a separate disaster recovery site.
The tiered approach not only ensures recovery of data under unexpected circumstances but also offer horizontal scaling of tiers in the event of an increase of the data load.
Multiple Servers Providing Better Load Distribution & Availability
(ERP) & (SFA) operates on web servers running multiple instances which promotes better distribution of the load and optimal utilization of available resources with high availability.

Velociti Customer Relationship Management Software

Introduce efficiency and transparency to the management of customer relations covering a broad spectrum of crucial affairs between

Velociti Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Enjoy ultimate control over your sales efforts, marketing strategies, financial and accounting activities, supply chain and manufacturing operations aided by a single,

Velociti Sales Force Automation & Retail Execution / Mobile SFA

Streamline your distribution and sales processes with pinpoint accuracy, transparency, and efficiency through all your purchasing, inventory control and

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Velociti GEO

A completely configurable solution with the ability to accurately capture the exact locations of your vehicles and personnel, along with real-time analytics to ensure transparency and efficiency of your operations.

Velociti Objectives and Key Results Software

Introduce a goal-oriented culture to your organization’s personnel and teams through the strategic establishment of goals and desired results to motivate your workers and divisions using a highly transparent

Velociti Business Intelligence Tools

A cloud-based business analytics service which uses your valuable business data to enlighten you with insightful business intelligence (BI) software perspectives resulting in the formation of smart, calculated strategies

Velociti Innovations Software– Enterprise Solution

The cloud-based Enterprise Solution enables businesses to enjoy the true advantages of a CRM, ERP & Sales Force Automation software while saving the investment on in-house servers and maintenance. The Enterprise Package of VelocitiSFA includes a complete Finance Module as well.
Use our Enterprise Solution to efficiently manage multiple distributor networks and your sales force using our smooth, user-friendly mobile application in near real-time. The Velociti Innovations Software Suites also brings the luxury of accessing valuable, accurate and informative analytics in the form of a dynamic dashboard as well as a range of insightful reports.

Velociti innovations Software – Capital Solution

The Capital Solution allows you to enjoy all the fantastic features of the Enterprise Edition with the comfort of using your own in-house servers. The On-Premises setup offers great flexibility to businesses that have already invested in servers.
Similar to the Enterprise Solution, you will be able to manage your distributor network and your sales force efficiently with real-time analytics.
The Capital Package also includes a complete Finance Module which is capable of handling payments, debtors, journals, and banking activities which saves you the additional investment it takes to purchase separate software to automate and track your financial activities.

Velociti Innovations software – Standard Solution

The Standard Package offers a cloud-based SFA featuring the ability to better manage multiple distribution networks, tracking on-field activity using our smooth-running mobile application as well as complete analytics of your sales and distribution operations from various insightful angles.

Velociti Innovations Software Dealer Solution

The cloud-based  Dealer Solution has been designed with the aim of offering a Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution software that suits small-scale operations for businesses that are focusing on market stabilization and expansion.
The Dealer Solution enables businesses to easily and efficiently manage all wide spectrum of dealer operations as well as finances.

Analyze Data Real Time

ERP’s, Sales Force Automation (SFA) & Retail Execution solutions in the market usually come with basic modules such as Purchasing, Inventory Management, Sales and Distribution, and Collections.
In comparison, Velociti Innovation Suites ERP & Sales Force Automation solution not only includes all of the above-mentioned modules but also provides you with a wider and more versatile scope covering all key processes of your business.
Velociti ERP & SFA includes a Finance Module, Inventory Management abilities to manage multiple warehouses, Transaction Uploading, Flexible Pricing & Promotional Scheme Management, and Insightful Analytics as a complete, customizable product which eliminates the need for separate software.

"Massage to our valued customers"

We at Enterprise Software Solutions Strives to provide you with the best solutions for your Business Process, Regardless of the business size or business process, we have the experience along with the Correct capabilities to provide you with the correct solution and provide you Life cycle support We believe Small, Medium or Enterprise you need a development partner who can Grow your process with the changing technology to maximize your productivity with the correct set of business tools, to achieve this we at ESS do continues R&D to our Software Suites to Make them adapt to technology changes. If you are in the market for Business process Software suites that give customized solutions to your need Enterprise Software Solutions is the Right Development Partner Reach out to us you be glad you did,

– Skye D. Radampola
Partner, Enterprise Software Solutions

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