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Velociti Innovation Software Power BI solution

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Make Accurate And Timely Decisions Based On Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics

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Make Accurate And Timely Decisions Based On Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics

A cloud-based business analytics service which uses your valuable business data to enlighten you with insightful business intelligence (BI) software perspectives resulting in the formation of smart, calculated strategies and decisions aided by real-time reporting and interactive dashboards.

Velociti’s Power BI solution helps your organization get the most information out of your existing data. It has the ability to connect to hundreds of data sources and represent that information in one single dashboard as well as various reports which will provide much-needed insight and guidance your organization needs to perform better and make calculated decisions.

Cloud Based

This Business Intelligence tool by Velociti is cloud-based which opens up many advantages such as reliable and easy access to a data warehouse as well as simple maintenance.

Real-Time Analytics

Make quick decisions based on powerful real-time data representation to solve problems and seize business opportunities instantly.

Easy Publishing

Share reports and other information among your peers with ease. Users can share useful information via web or mobile allowing decision making and discussions to be based on real-time data.

Modern Personalized Dashboards

Enjoy looking over your entire business through a highly interactive and informative dashboard that is tailor-made to suit your business’s needs and goals. Each user has the ability to configure dashboards with ease to access analytics to make their tasks more productive and target-oriented.

Next Level Reporting

Bring life to highly meaningful and eye-catching reports using the valuable data at your organization’s possession.


RoadMap & Complete Coverage of Existing Data

The type of data is irrelevant for VelocitiBI. The solution utilizes all data at your company’s possession be it spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming data or on-premise databases.

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