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Real-Time Visibility And Predictive Analytics To Manage Your Fleet

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Enterprise Software Solutions, (ESS)

ESS can incorporate any modules that customer want to bring in we have the API & web services in place to customize the fleet data into the SF and ERP modules  We also have hardware and software that is been prototyped by ESS that is much more superior to any GEO hardware that is off-shelf in today’s market and is custom built to order size of your fleet

A completely configurable solution with the abilities to accurately capture the exact locations of your vehicles and personnel with the aid of real-time analytics to ensure transparency and efficiency of your operations.


VelocitiGEO brings unparalleled visibility of your company’s fleet with high levels of accuracy. Gain complete control of your on-field operations through complete transparency to maximize the utilization of your resources be it manpower, vehicles or fuel.

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep track of each and every vehicle in your fleet in real-time aided by an interactive map equipped with customized filters that are relative to your operations. VelocitiGE0 has the ability to continue tracking offline and sync as soon as reestablishing the connection.

Real-Time Alerts

Enjoy the convenience of being notified about anomalies of any of your vehicle’s travel patterns and behaviors real-time with configurable views, trigger points, and alert mechanisms. Opt to be notified on the go using customizable text messages.

Modern Data Capturing

Record the GEO locations, trouble codes, and vehicle performance any time with the help of VelocitiGEO’s configurable onboard diagnostics port.

Seamless Integration

Ability to seamlessly integrate with any of your existing ERP, SFA, Mobile Apps or any other software.

Plug-and-Play Solution

Start tracking each vehicle with a single calibration which is based on the vehicle’s CAN controller.

Driver Assistance

Enjoy the ability to provide the drivers of your fleet with real-time assistance through both video and voice.

Enlightening Analytics

Be in complete sync with your fleet with the availability of insightful graphical representation of data as well as innovative predictions based on real-time data with the aid of artificial intelligence. Easily manage the maintenance of your fleet with the help of service schedules, maintenance cost estimations, and notifications.


2.2.4 Firmware

There are two micro controllers used in VelocityGEO systems.  VelocitiGEO Light Version uses only one micro controller. IT is only the A9G micro controller with GSM and GPS antennas. There is minimal configuration required for this version to start working. 

VelocitiGEO Light Version

Features :

Fleet Management System

GPS Monitoring of fleet movements

Web and Mobile live monitoring system ( In Phase II, trip requests will be added )

SAS based subscription

Theft protestation

Driver assistance

Three months of fleet and trips data

VelocitiGEO Enterprise Version

Features :

GPS Monitoring of fleet movements

Vehicle performance monitoring through On Board Diagnostic port.

Advanced fuel monitoring on the move

Faster monitoring of your fleet through WEB and mobile application.

Mobile Trip requests

Cost per unit

System usage based cost

Professional services

Two years of data

Vehicle trouble codes handling

Engine monitoring

Odometer monitoring

Better Stats & Control

Integration with VelocitiSFA

Once the GRNs are generated by the company to ship the goods to distributer, Automatic trip requests can be generated.

At the distributor point, all sales invoices/dispatch notes can be configured to automatic Trips Request generation.


 Integration with VelocitiERP

There are multiple points in an ERP that can be integrated with VelocitiGEO Enterprise version. For example Dispatch Note, Delivery Note, Delivery Acknowledgement, Fixed Assets, Cost of tires, Cost of fuel, Maintenance cost, Depreciation of vehicles, Overtime and Incentives of Drivers. A detailed study of integration points and Integration solution definition will be completed with the ERP design is available.

Integration with external ERP solutions [Phase II]

Integration with other external ERP solutions like SAP, Oracle can be done in Phase II. We will be able to release VelocitiGEO Integration APIs on this release.

Data Flow Structure

VelocitiGEO solutions are based on the data flow structure defined below. All the devices are connected to the services exposed to VelocitiGEO Services exposed in the Cloud environment. VelocityGEO Monitoring component will be accessing data also from the services shared in the VelocitiGEO Services. Fleet Management module is loosely coupled in the cloud for better maintainability and release management purposes.

90 Days of Free Monitoring

For Fleets over 100 Vehicles, we will provide this service on Yearly or 5-year contracts.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Support

For Enterprise Fleet Management we will have dedicated support by customer working hours  

1- 5 Year Warranty with Monitoring packages

Full Unit warranty 12 months on yearly renewal monitoring contract  and up to 60 months on 5-year contracts with free product version updates.

cost-efficient solution with scalability



Rigid Plastic or Aluminum/Metal Enclosure Design

Cloud servers 2 ( Active-Active Mirror for web services )
( Xeon quad-core x 2)
Memory 16GB on each server
Disk Space 2000 GB on each server
Database 20 GB

Licensed Software
Oracle DB
Oracle data guard 
Software Load balance

(This will change to Hardware load balance in phase II)