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Benefit from introducing a goal-oriented culture to your company with VelocitiOKRs Objectives & Key Results solution.

Connect the goals of individuals, teams, and your organization to strive towards your goals in a more collective and measurable approach.

Accelerate Performance

Clear goals help an organization improve productivity and efficiency. Accelerate the performance of your company’s employees, teams, and departments by clearly communicating their specific objectives.

Expanding Employee Potential 

Ensure Achievement of Objectives

VelocitiOKR solution enables you not only to set goals but also track and monitor every single objective to make sure that each individual in your company is well aligned towards their assigned goals.

Planning – Meaningful Measurability

Be in complete control of every objective within your company with a data-driven management system featuring real-time feedback and customizable reports.

Scaling & Align Goals with Bigger Objectives

Introduce powerful meaning to every single objective by aligning them with greater goals of your teams, department, and organization.

Ensuring that every employee is in line with the organization’s objectives within their own goals is a powerful method to get the best out of every employee in your company.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is OKRs ?

OKRs stands for Objectives and Key Results. The Objectives tend to be the desired outcomes that you want, and the Key Results are the measurable ways you know you’re on track to reach them.

Why you should have OKRs

OKRs Increase Clarity;
One of the greatest benefits of OKRs is that they provide structure and clarity for an organization to work toward common goals.

OKRs Increase Focus;
Among the best practices for OKRs is to revisit them regularly – ideally every week. I have even found myself revisiting them daily.


Mot Importantly OKRs Increase Collaboration

Why should you care?

The answer lies in the fact that OKRs are not just goals for individuals but they are connections between the strategy & execution. OKRs are nothing short of a communication channel for conveying strategy. And we all know how good strategies end up in a trash can because they weren’t executed properly. Writing good OKRs is a prerequisite to executing the strategy successfully.

How many Key Results should an OKR have?

when people have to create OKRs for the first time, they search the internet for help. They then run into all sorts of rules such as “every Objective should have 3 Key Results”. The problem with these rules is that they’re sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to apply. They should, therefore, be taken for what they actually are: best practice.

If Objectives tell you where to go, Key Results are what you need to achieve to get there. Key Results are like a GPS that you follow in order to navigate to where you want to be. Where a GPS needs 3 satellites to accurately pinpoint your location, an Objective requires 3 Key Results to accurately let you know whether or not you’ve accomplished it.

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