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Sales Force Automation At Your Fingertips

Velociti Sales Force Automation

Connect all the key processes of your business with VelocitiSFA to benefit from complete visibility of your operations with real-time analytics. Achieve optimum market penetration and always stay ahead of your competitors with VelocitiSFA!

Want an SFA That is Customized to your Process?

Enjoy complete transparency and control over your purchasing, inventory, distribution, sales, and financial activities with the Velociti Sales Force Automation solution.
Streamline your processes with a customized solution that matches your exact needs to increase efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and trust.
however, the ability to overview, analyze & control your day-to-day sales will grant you that Enjoy access to insightful analytics to run your operations based on real-time data. Always be a step ahead of your competitors with a bird’s eye view of your operations.

VelocitiSFA Key Features

Supply Chain Automation

Velociti Sales Force Automation solution increases the transparency and efficiency of your supply chain operations with added clarity, accuracy and unobstructed visibility to purchasing, warehouse, and inventory transactions.

You can look at our full ERP hear 

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Software module for supply chain management where brands manage suppliers, oversee production and track in-depth product data from procurement to delivery of inbound goods. It saves hours a day of manual work, reduces supply chain costs, and provides actionable data on supplier activity throughout sourcing, production, and the product lifecycle. You’ll always know what’s happening in your supply chain, so you give customers exactly what you promised them.

Workflow Management

Manage and monitor operational workflows while always striving for perfection with the increased visibility, flexibility, and control that our solution offers.

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workflow management Module that caters to a variety of industries including energy, health, and life sciences, financial services and government. It is suitable for departments such as customer services, human resources (HR) and information technology (IT). The solution can be customized to process logic both on-premises and in the cloud.

VeloitiSFA provides features such as document generation, process mapping, a mobile app builder, custom form creation and process automation. API connectors allow the integration of data with third-party business applications such as HR, IT and customer relationship management solutions. or any of our ERP, CRM Modules 

Distributor Finance Management

Velociti Sales Force Automation (VelocitiSFA) has a built-in Finance Module to provide clarity and transparency to distributor finances promoting quick and effortless management of all distributor transactions.

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hybrid or business process specific manufacturing and warehouse management solution designed for small and midsize companies to enterprise-level, Key features include inventory control, material requirements planning (MRP), job shop floor control, work order management, manufacturer orders and bills of materials. The solution can also include Machine learning Algorithms for specific automation in place  

Online & Offline Mobile Application

Our user-friendly mobile application enables you to manage operations on the go. The free-flowing mobile app has the ability to operate offline which ensures that your sales force doesn’t face any disruptions to their on-field operations due to loss of internet.

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Based on mobile technology your organization is using we can provide you customization that starts with Office level Sync to each Sales, Distribution modules to upload data from Routes to Orders and to update via GPS real-time during interactions or ping to server model to update on a time table to the server with end of the day activity Sync to close business day. all this will be based on your specific business Process we will build the logic layer and algorithms to your specific process. 

Interactive Dashboard & Reporting

Enjoy an insightful overview of user-specific activities and information through VelocitiSFA’s interactive dashboard that relies on real-time data.

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An interactive dashboard is a data management tool that tracks, analyzes, monitors, and visually displays key business metrics while allowing users to interact with data, enabling them to make well-informed, data-driven, and healthy business decisions. Dashboards are used within the business intelligence (BI) environment, creating a link between managers and the company’s strategy, allowing departments to collaborate more effectively, and enabling employees to perform with an increased productivity level. That brings us to our next important aspect.

Master Data Management & Control

Efficiently and accurately manage your business’s master data without the hassle of multiple entries and changes to save valuable time and effort.

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Master, data management has the objective of providing processes for collecting, aggregating, matching, consolidating, quality-assuring, persisting and distributing such data throughout an organization to ensure a common understanding, consistency, accuracy, and control in the ongoing maintenance based on the business process we can built the custom controls to your business process 

Sales and Distribution Automation

Seamlessly connect your headquarters to distributors and on-field sales force to enjoy real-time visibility of product movement and sales along with insightful analytics.

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Seamless customized solution to your business process from one or many warehouse > Distributor > Dealer solutions with real-time GEO tracking or complete Route activity incorporated solutions is in place to adapt to your business process      

Fully Customizable Solution

Only buy what you need for your business with Velocity Sales Force Automation Solution! Our software is fully customizable enabling you to purchase a solution to perfect match the needs of your business processes, while making sure that you stay within your budget.

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The versatile nature of VelocitiSFA enables any business operating with a distribution or dealer network to put its fantastic features and insightful reporting to optimal use. Benefit from connecting key processes of your business such as procurement, warehousing, inventory management, distribution, on-field sales activities, and finances with the comfort of a single software.

Inventory and Warehousing Automation

Enjoy accurate, real-time visibility of your inventory and warehouse stock levels to ensure an uninterrupted supply of goods while avoiding wastage and discrepancies.

VelocitiSFA – Enterprise Solution

The cloud-based Enterprise Solution enables businesses to enjoy the true advantages of a Sales Force Automation software while saving the investment on in-house servers and maintenance. The Enterprise Package of VelocitiSFA includes a complete Finance Module as well.
Use our Enterprise Solution to efficiently manage multiple distributor networks and your sales force using our smooth, user-friendly mobile application in near real-time. The Velociti Sales Force Automation Enterprise Solution also brings the luxury of accessing valuable, accurate and informative analytics in the form of a dynamic dashboard as well as a range of insightful reports.

VelocitiSFA – Capital Solution

The Capital Solution allows you to enjoy all the fantastic features of the Enterprise Edition with the comfort of using your own in-house servers. The On-Premises setup offers great flexibility to businesses that have already invested in servers.
Similar to the Enterprise Solution, you will be able to manage your distributor network and your sales force efficiently with real-time analytics.
The Capital Package also includes a complete Finance Module which is capable of handling payments, debtors, journals, and banking activities which saves you the additional investment it takes to purchase separate software to automate and track your financial activities.

VelocitiSFA – Standard Solution

The Standard Package offers a cloud-based SFA featuring the ability to better manage multiple distribution networks, tracking on-field activity using our smooth-running mobile application as well as analytics of your sales and distribution operations from various insightful angles.

VelocitiSFA – Dealer Solution

The cloud-based VelocitiSFA Dealer Solution has been designed with the aim of offering a Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution software that suits small-scale operations for businesses that are focusing on market stabilization and expansion.
The Dealer Solution enables businesses to easily and efficiently manage all wide spectrum of dealer operations as well as finances.

SFA Solution Feature Comparison

Sales Force Automation (SFA) & Retail Execution solutions in the market usually come with basic modules such as Purchasing, Inventory Management, Sales and Distribution, and Collections.
In comparison, Velociti Sales Force Automation solution not only includes all of the above-mentioned modules but also provides you with a wider and more versatile scope covering all key processes of your business.
VelocitiSFA includes a Finance Module, Inventory Management abilities to manage multiple warehouses, Transaction Uploading, Flexible Pricing & Promotional Scheme Management, and Insightful Analytics as a complete, customizable product which eliminates the need for separate software.

                                      Cloud Hosting & Product Security

Flexibility & Recovery
The Velociti Sales Force Automation solution has been designed to operate either from your premises or the cloud with the flexibility to maintain a separate disaster recovery site.
The tiered approach not only ensures recovery of data under unexpected circumstances but also offer horizontal scaling of tiers in the event of an increase of the data load.
Multiple Servers Providing Better Load Distribution & Availability
Velociti Sales Force Automation (SFA) operates on web servers running multiple instances which promotes better distribution of the load and optimal utilization of available resources with high availability.

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